Alarm Monitoring Service

America’s leading security company, ADT, LLC, has an excellent reputation for helping protect the safety of its clients. ADT’s 24/7 monitoring service helps protect your home and family from the threats of intruders, fire, smoke emergencies and carbon monoxide. ADT’s state-of-the-art technology and extensive monitoring network are why more customers prefer ADT monitored security than any other home security provider.

Protect Your Home is the nation’s number one ADT Authorized Dealer and employs numerous home security experts. The professionals from Protect Your Home evaluate your home, budget and needs and then help you decide the right home security package for you. The consultation is free with no obligations and will help provide you with an assessment of your security risks and how an ADT monitored security system can fill those needs. Our home security systems may be top of the line, but our prices will still allow you an affordable security system for your home and family with Protect Your Home.

Once your security system is installed, a Protect Your Home technician will activate your ADT monitored service for your home. Going forward, any time an alarm is triggered; an ADT monitoring center throughout the U.S. will be alerted immediately. Personnel from the monitoring center will contact you and will also contact the appropriate emergency service if necessary. With instantaneous response, you can feel safe in knowing that help is on the way the moment your alarm goes off.

With top quality equipment from Protect Your Home and the advanced monitored security from an ADT monitored security system, you will know your home and family are being monitored against burglary at all times. ADT monitored security remains connected at all times, so you never need to worry about any technical errors standing between you and the help you need.

ADT monitored service shines with its low temperature monitoring, flood detection, fire detection and carbon monoxide monitoring, identifying threats to your household before they turn deadly. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and its colorless, odorless and tasteless properties make it impossible to detect by human beings. ADT monitoring service checks for this deadly gas and alerts you whenever it detects its presence. It also uses its technology to detect problems with your heating and cooling system via sensors in the home that indicate a significant drop in temperature. Flood sensors catch potential water damage before your foundation is ruined, and fire and smoke detectors alert you of fire hazards and notify the fire department immediately so that help can arrive by the time you’ve evacuated your home.

At Protect Your Home, we strive to help ensure your house stays secure, and we’ll help you find the security system that matches your needs and at the price you want. Sleep safely at night, and enjoy worry-free vacations when your house is protected by the best, Protect Your Home.